About A Voz e a Alma
A "Voz e a Alma" is a recital by fado singer Helder Moutinho and actress and director Maria João Luís, in which they celebrate, side by side, the poetry of João Monge. During the recital, the fusion between the voice of all the colours of Helder Moutinho, and the emotions filled with words, delicately spoken by Maria João Luís, catalyses the unique poetry of João Monge, opening the gates back to a pure and ancestral approach: the fado of truth.
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Expression of freedom and intervention, the fado finds in the theatre a fraternal ally, which helps to define itself in two complementary forms: the sung fado and the spoken fado. 


The dramaturgy of the show is all original. In some parts Maria João Luís declaims, in others she acts. In the repertoire there are fados such as Escrito no Destino (Written in fate), recorded by Helder Moutinho in the album 1987 (released in 2013) and two other fados recorded in O Manual do Coração (Handbook of the heart), an album of 2016: Amor sem lugar (Love with no place) and Condão (Magic Spell). The remaining themes are originals written for the recital. 


Texts: João Monge
Costumes, representation and staging: Maria João Luís
Voice (Fado): Helder Moutinho
Portuguese guitar: Ricardo Parreira
Fado guitar: Miguel Silva
Bass guitar: Ciro Bertini
Light design: Pedro Domingos
Sound design: António Pinheiro da Silva 


A co-production of HM Música Mwf and Teatro da Terra. 

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