About The Stick & Rope Band
From pop music to fado, to Mediterranean roots music and with the present matrix of acoustic ensemble, the Stick & Rope Band proposes an instrumental musical experience, transversal to styles and languages, searching for new ways and their own sound identity.
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Wood and string are the two materials and elements that underpin the construction of chordophones and all stringed instruments. The Stick & Rope Band took inspiration for its name from a quote by a musician who used to say that ‘nothing sounds better than a stick and string band’.  


And rare are the times when it is possible to bring together two unique elements in the creation of music and a band: excellence of execution and friendship. When this happens, allied to a strong complicity, the woods and the strings breathe.


Stick & Rope Band is formed by a group of old friends, musicians and Portuguese instrumentalists with wide experience in the accompaniment of several artists: Frederico Gato (bass), João Tiago Oliveira (classic guitar), Ricardo Parreira (Portuguese guitar) and João Mouzinho (percussion). 


Together on stage, this group of friends presents in concert a set of new arrangements of themes and songs by composers they admire, as well as original instrumental themes composed by them.

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