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Unanimously recognized as one of the most important fado singers of the new millennium, Katia Guerreiro is, above all, an ambassador for fado and for Portugal in the most varied of international cultural circles: in prestigious venues on every continent and at the most important music festivals in the world.
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Starting from the presentation of her new album "Mistura" where she will sing some of the new songs. Katia Guerreiro returns to the stage in a show that is based on a retrospective of her career representing Portuguese music, poetry, and soul. 

This show counts with the participation of the musicians: Pedro de Castro and Luís Guerreiro (Portuguese guitars), André Ramos (classical guitars) and Francisco Gaspar (acoustic bass). 

With ten records released, hundreds of concerts on stages and national and international festivals, Katia Guerreiro - who for some years combined practicing medicine with fado - has already been decorated in Portugal (Order of Infante D. Henrique) and in France (Order of Arts and Letters, Chevalier Grade), and is recognized as one of the most remarkable representatives of Portuguese culture in the world and one of the most brilliant singers of her generation. The awards and prizes she has received throughout her career are given in recognition of her invaluable contribution to the dissemination of Portuguese culture and the projection of Portugal in the world.


Katia Guerreiro was born on February 23rd, 1976, in South Africa, to Portuguese parents. Soon after her birth, her family returned to São Miguel Island, in the Azores. At age of 15, she learned to play a local type of instrument called "viola da terra" (a traditional instrument in the Azores) and began playing with a group called Rancho Folclórico de Santa Cecília. Years later she moved to Lisbon, where she attended medical school and graduated in 2000. During these academic years, she maintained, however, an intense connection to music: first as the lead singer of a rock band from the 60's, Os Charruas, and later, through João Mário Veiga, in charismatic Fado gatherings and evenings in the capital. 


And it was in 2000 that her musical career in fado began, when she performed at the concert in honour of Amalia Rodrigues, at Lisbon's Coliseu. At the time, both the critics and the public surrendered to her interpretation of "Amor de Mel, Amor de Fel" and "Barco Negro", being considered the best performance of the night.


Her discography includes FADO MAIOR (2001), her debut album, where the most important hits are "Asas" and "Amor de Mel, Amor de Fel"; NAS MÃOS DO FADO (2003), the beginning of a tribute to the greatest names in Portuguese literature; TUDO OU NADA (2004), the continuation of the tribute to the great poets and with the participation of the late pianist Bernardo Sassetti, who accompanies her on the track "Minha Senhora das Dores"; FADO (2008), where she edits for the second time, a lyric of her own "A Voz da Poesia" with music by Rui Veloso; OS FADOS DO FADO (2009), an album in which she recreates some of the most famous fados from the repertoires of Tony de Matos, Max, Tristão da Silva, Hermínia Silva, Teresa Silva Carvalho, João Ferreira-Rosa and, of course, Amália Rodrigues; 10 ANOS - NAS ASAS DO FADO (2010), the great recognition of her international career and her 10 years of Fado; ATÉ AO FIM (2014), a record of originals, produced by Tiago Bettencourt and that marks a turning point in her career with the participation of Pedro de Castro and Luís Guerreiro (Portuguese guitars), João Mário Veiga and André Ramos (classical guitars) and Francisco Gaspar (acoustic bass); and SEMPRE (2018), produced by José Mário Branco, one of the greatest names in the history of Portuguese music. This album reveals once again the great artistic recognition of the “fadistas”, as far as her interpretative capacity is concerned.


No início de 2022, Katia Guerreiro avança para um novo disco de originais e convida, Pedro de Castro e Tiago Bettencourt para produzirem aquele que se viria a chamar de “Mistura”. 


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New Álbum "Mistura"

Nevember 18 . 2022
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