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Helder Moutinho is one of the most charismatic and genuine fado singers of our time. Interpreter, composer and poet, Helder has a profound knowledge of the secrets, codes and mysteries of this musical genre. Throughout his career of over twenty years, Helder has devoted himself to the heritage he received from his relatives and the great masters who crossed his path, thus making him a cult Fado singer. An inheritance that he cherishes, preserves and amplifies for an ever more contemporary Fado.
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After a few albums dedicated mostly to the interpretation of traditional fados with their respective founding poems or with new poems (some of his own), to which some original compositions have always been added, Helder Moutinho presents the album 1987 in 2013, affirming himself to critics as one of the most important fado singers of this century.


In 2016 he releases O Manual do Coração, in which all the poems are written by João Monge - one of the most renowned Portuguese poets - and the music is also by some of the most important Portuguese composers: Mário Laginha, Vitorino, João Gil, Zeca Medeiros, Manuel Paulo, Marco Oliveira, Pedro da Silva Martins or Ricardo Parreira. An album unanimously praised by fado lovers and critics, who believe that many of these new fados may become future traditional fados. In fact, another way of saying that heritage received is heritage (re)transmitted.


At this moment, Helder Moutinho is in the process of finishing his new record which should be released soon. In his current concert, besides making a retrospective of his career, where he invites some guests, Helder also presents some of the songs that will be part of his new album that has been created with the poet João Monge and the musicians Ricardo Parreira (Portuguese guitar), André Ramos (bass guitar), Miguel Silva (guitar), Ciro Bertini (bass) and the sound engineer António Pinheiro da Silva.

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