About Bela Ensemble
The Bela Ensemble was born in Alfama, in the heart of one of the most representative houses of the musical tradition of this picturesque Lisbon neighbourhood. A house that exudes tradition, but is also a showcase of contemporary Alfama, accustomed to coexistence, since always, with cultures and people from all corners of the world.
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Fados with lyrics by old poets like Henrique Rego, Gabriel de Oliveira, João Dias, among others, are here carefully coated with a bold and contemporary musical dressing. Authentic Portuguese urban music that springs from the living culture of the city of Lisbon. 


In this creative and musical process, the emotional and poetic charge of tradition is the perfect vehicle for the boldness of new arrangements, for rhythmic deconstruction, in order to reach the point of convergence between tradition and experimentation


Thus, the Bela Ensemble bets on a careful mixture of rhythms and movements from other latitudes, with special influence from world music genres such as flamenco, Afro-Latin music, mainly from Cuba and Peru, Brazilian roots samba, rock, metal and progressive music. 


Carlos Mil-Homens: percussion
João Penedo: double-bass
Otto Pereira: violin
Ana Margarida: voice
Rafael Brides: 7-string guitar

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