HM Artists
Bela Ensemble
The Bela Ensemble was born in Alfama, in the heart of one of the most representative houses of the musical tradition of this picturesque Lisbon neighbourhood.
Helder Moutinho
Helder Moutinho is one of the most charismatic and genuine fado singers of our time. Interpreter, composer and poet, Helder has a profound knowledge of the secrets, codes and mysteries of this musical genre.
Katia Guerreiro
Unanimously recognized as one of the most important fado singers of the new millennium, Katia Guerreiro is, above all, an ambassador for fado and for Portugal in the most varied of international cultural circles: in prestigious venues on every continent and at the most important music festivals in the world.
Martins represents the new generation of Fado from Coimbra. His music takes us to an approach centered on respect for tradition and the matrix of this genre at the same time that brings us a fresh approach from the contemporary interpretation and musical arrangements.
Nani Medeiros
Brazilian music is vast, but in this project choro, samba song and morna join fado, in a Travessia (journey) where the repertoire of songs speaks a little of those who choose to transit, cross, change, move, go through a path, let themselves be influenced and move on.
Paula Oliveira
Paula Oliveira's new album is born in book form and is a tribute to José Saramago. The singer presents us with nine compositions of her own for the writer's poetry, from the works: Possible Poems and Probably Joy.
Pensão Flor
Part of what we can call MUP - Portuguese Urban Music, the band Pensão Flor was born in Coimbra and is characterized by the creation of musical imaginaries that revolve around a Pensão Flor and its guests.
Ricardo Parreira
Ricardo Parreira is one of today's great guitarists. He was born in a family connected to the Portuguese guitar: António Parreira's son and Paulo Parreira's brother, both reference players in the Fado world.
The Stick & Rope Band
From pop music to fado, to Mediterranean roots music and with the present matrix of acoustic ensemble, the Stick & Rope Band proposes an instrumental musical experience, transversal to styles and languages, searching for new ways and their own sound identity.
Toli César Machado
Espírito is the new musical project of Toli César Machado, composer of the portuguese band GNR (New Rock Group) for about 35 years. Toli César Machado now debuts in this solo project, as composer of all the songs.

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